Can't Make This Up

Episode 49

No Balls In Your Court

Robin was pressured to join the boy's basketball team by her father in middle school. It didn't go too well. We hang out with a couple guys really trying to impress their friend's daughter, kids in a faulty pool and of course Michael Jordan and his son, Kim.


You can see Rory doing musical improv Fridays at 7PM at the People's Improv Theater with Royals. He is also performing December 4th at the PIT at 8PM in Chippendales inspired improv, Yes And Dales. He'll also be in The Liar Show on Saturday, December 5th, at 6PM.

Josh performs Mondays at 9PM at the PIT with house team, OK President. You can also listen to him narrate audiobooks at Audible.

Ray will be in This Live Show with Nate Foster this Friday, 11/27. He also performs Mondays at the PIT with house team Lightning Round. Ray hosts the Monday night improv jam at the PIT, Base Jam, at 11PM. He also has a podcast, Lance And Ray Show. Josh and Ray both perform in the Wes Anderson improv show Forty Minutes in the Style of Wes Anderson.

Robin will be performing on December 11th at QED in A Very Special Episode at 7:30PM. Her show Yum's The Word will be coming back again on Tuesday, December 15th, at 7PM at Le Poisson Rouge. Jason Biggs will be headlining that show along with Connie Shulman, Adam Wade and Kambri Crews. Get your tickets now!