Can't Make This Up

Episode 47

I'm Stalkin Here!

Amelia met a guy on vacation and ended up stalking him after she got back to NYC. We meet hip Puerto Ricans, Detective Johns and we drink radioactive Piña Coladas.


You can see Abbie perform with musical house team at the People's Improv Theater, Title of Team, Fridays at 7PM. Giancarlo performs with OK President at the PIT Monday nights at 8PM. His photography site is Kerry performs Mondays at the PIT at 9PM with Madam Vice. You can see her in Accomplice NY as well as upcoming shows We Are Animals 4: Fucking and Serials@theflea. Amelia is performing in the New York Sketch Fest with Current Eventuals and Always on Deck. She is also performing in upcoming Rocky Horror at the PIT.