Can't Make This Up

Episode 46

Pew Soon

Violet brought a toy gun to school the day after the Columbine massacre. It didn't go well. We meet rebellious kids, troubled Juggalos and a couple with weird ways of showing their love.


You can see Geoff perform Mondays at 9:00PM at the People's Improv Theater with Madam Vice. His soccer podcast is called Straight Red. Josh's improv team, OK President, shares the 9PM hour with Madam Vice. Also, check out audiobooks he has recorded at Audible. Raina performs with Sean on Ghösthaus Mondays at 10PM at the People's Improv Theater. Her house team, Chester, performs at the Annoyance Theater in Brooklyn at 8:30PM on Sundays. Also, you can check out her female indie improv team, Flying V, performing around the city. Violet can be found on Twitter and possibly other locations, pending.