Can't Make This Up

Episode 40

O Condoms My Condoms

Morgan overthinks his purchase of prophylactics. We meet some strange kinksters, strippers with their own terminology and some Duane Reade bullies.


You can see Abbie and Austin every week with their group [title of team] in the musical improv jam, PITch, as well as their show at the People's Improv Theater starting at 6PM on Fridays. Abbie, Austin and Sean have a new indie improv team, RumRumRum. Austin's indie improv team is Neutral MILF Hotel. Abbie's group, Skycopter hosts the improv monoscene show, Act One, every Sunday at 9:30PM at the PIT. Morgan can be found at his site and he has two storytelling shows, Relationshit and This One Time. Abbie's on Twitter at @MissAbbieHarper. Morgan's Twitter is @UltraMorgnus.